7 days of Island Life – A week in Andaman

It’s been 10 months since my trip to the Andaman Islands, but the memories from the trip ever so remain fresh and still linger on. And each time I come across pictures and posts of the islands, I’m reminded of my 7 days’stay in the islands. Each time I open the folder of pictures from the trip, I’m filled with this strong urge to go back to these beautiful group of islands.

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The view from the aircraft window minutes before landing in Port Blair

When I go back in time and reminisce my week long stay there, all I have in mind are images of those untouched stretches of pristine white sandy beaches, giant tropical rain forests that look like they came straight out from some Anaconda movie, views like the amazon rain forests which I saw through the aircraft window before landing in Port Blair, the exquisite marine life, those beautiful winding roads and the peacefulness and the tranquility the place offered and most vividly, life running at its own slow pace.

2016-07-16 04.32.43 1.jpg
The ship that took us to Havelock Island – the rain the sea and us

2016-07-15 02.32.17 1.jpg

Radhanagar beach also known as beach number 7  has white sands sandwiched between the beautiful blue waters and the rich tropical rain forests. 

2016-07-15 02.47.30 1.jpg

Cycling along beautiful winding roads towards Kalapatthar Beach.

2016-07-15 04.13.13 1m.jpg
On our way to Kalapatthar Beach 

2016-07-15 03.57.55 1.jpg

The calm and serene Wandoor beach. Cycling to this beach from the resort I was staying at was pure bliss.

2016-07-15 02.23.00 1.jpg

Me and my best friend enjoying some ‘we’ time along beach number 5 in Havelock Island

We (me and my best friend from school) were aching to set out somewhere after our last trip to Jaipur in the month of November in 2014. So plannings and research began as early as  July 2015, two months ahead of the trip. We asked our other friends around but when they couldn’t make it, that didn’t stop the both of us from making this trip possible. We booked our flight tickets almost two months in advance I remember hence, we got a pretty good deal. With a round trip flight ticket booking  for as cheap as Rs. 7500  from Chennai to Port Blair, we knew we couldn’t have had a better start – the best part about off season travel. We made some prior bookings after a lot of research on the net before heading to the islands – some of them I’d say, were mistakes we made on this trip (something I might elaborate in the future posts) but it was just our second independent trip and there was bound to be some let downs in terms of decision making about places to stay or travel to. No complaints though, as we learnt a great deal from this trip.

So the day finally arrived and we couldn’t contain our excitement like two little puppies about to get a treat after days of starvation. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the beautiful place. There are some things that cannot be explained in words but are best experienced.That feeling was one of them. I was no doubt blown away by the beauty and serenity of the place, but more so, it was life in the islands that made me step back and wonder how with the little things they had, people there were so much contented, no latest phone in hand, no network connectivity, no wifi and they were still quite happy that way and then I had the images of these set of people back in the city I work in, who just go nuts in this race to fit themselves in the society, who would do anything for a little show off and anything to make them look good and superior. I guess that’s what living in the city does to most of us.

We visited beautiful islands and beaches, cycled through beautiful winding roads, dived in the turquoise blue waters and experienced the exquisite sea life underneath. We ate to our hearts’ content at cafes serving us delicious and exotic food and stayed at resorts located far away from city life, run by warmhearted friendly locals. We enjoyed long walks and talks on white sandy beaches that stretched as far as our eyes could see and rode on speed boat through the mangrove forests to creeks in Baratang Island. We also missed out on few of the places we wanted to visit but we decided not to rush things and enjoy what we had in the moment cause there’s always a next time 🙂

2016-07-15 04.05.20 1.jpg
Ross Island and it’s ruins- a reminder of bygone era

And at the end of the 7th day, we returned with hundreds of moments captured in pictures, a truckload of memories and experiences that will forever remain close to our hearts. We returned as better and wiser individuals learning from all the issues that we faced together in the trip and as better best friends.

While I am at a loss of words to describe my experiences, I leave you with these beautiful moments captured on our cameras throughout our 7 day travel in Andaman.

Wouldn’t you want to soak yourself in the serenity of this place and experience what I did? Perhaps it’s time to pack your bags and plan a trip to the Andamans this season? Let me know what you thought of these pictures.

Don’t we all love Andaman?

2016-07-15 02.50.50 1.jpg
Conversations over coconut water – my ideal way of spending an evening with a close friend.

2016-07-15 02.48.55 1.jpg

Early mornings along beach number 5 – a one minute walk from the resort we stayed -Emerald Gecko.

2016-07-15 04.09.51 m.jpg
This is where we stayed. Emerald Gecko just a one minute walk to the beach
2016-07-15 04.20.55 1m.jpg
We all know too well what happens when it stops raining after 3 days of heavy donwpour. Oh what joy!!

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Of untold sufferings, valiant defiance and the undaunted spirit of our freedom fighters. Life behind these walls – Cellular Jail – going back in time

2016-07-15 02.27.10 1m.jpg

The rain drenched speed boat ride to this creek – Baratang Island towards limestone caves

2016-07-15 02.35.24 1m.jpg
The thrilling speed boat ride in the rain towards the limestone caves

2016-07-15 02.38.25 1m.jpg

Towards Baratang island – Monsoon travels ^^

2016-07-15 02.37.01 1m.jpg

After passing the Jarawa Reserve forest area towards Baratang island. Such pretty sight!

2016-07-15 04.06.26 1m.jpg
On my way to the limestone caves

2016-07-15 02.40.21 1m.jpg

Church ruins at Ross Island

2016-07-15 03.59.01 1m.jpg
Remnants of the tsunami hit Wandoor beach
2016-07-15 03.56.02 1m.jpg
Wandoor Beach – Beware of crocs we were told but we spotted none.
2016-07-15 02.19.37 1m.jpg
Aren’t these pictures tempting you already to pack your bags and head to these islands? 
2016-07-14 12.24.00 1m.jpg
Island hopping!! North Bay Island – Walking on the island behind the Indian twenty rupee note, yes the one with the lighthouse.
2016-07-15 04.00.41 1m.jpg
On the ferry to North Bay Island
2016-07-15 04.11.32 1m.jpg
That’s the lighthouse and the island you see at the back of the twenty rupee note of the Indian currency – North Bay Island and the sea was that deep blue, not my edits.
2016-07-15 02.43.36 1.jpg
And I do love getting clicked 🙂
2016-07-14 03.12.09 1.jpg
It felt so surreal for I had never seen such isolated and beautiful pristine white sandy beaches in my life before. I couldn’t help getting clicked at this spot.
2016-07-14 03.10.37 1.jpg
Vijayanagar Beach- Havelock Island – Beach number 5 : And sometimes we couldn’t distinguish between the dogs and the rocks at this place. Check if you can spot any dogs here? 😀
2016-07-15 02.42.13 1m.jpg
At the famous Radhanagar beach. Beach number 7 in Havelock Island.This beach is no doubt one of those most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Radhanagar Beach or Beach Number 7 in Havelock Island-Named Asia’s most beautiful beach by TIME in 2004. No this isn’t my editing. This is how the beach looks like to the naked eye 🙂
2016-07-15 02.46.07 1m.jpg
Another candid picture from Radhanagar Beach
2016-07-15 02.44.54 1m.jpg
Some 15 minutes walk from the beach towards the temple at Radhanagar beach


2016-07-15 03.51.03 1m.jpg
And a view of Port Blair again as we took off bidding goodbye to the islands. It was really hard to say goodbye to this beautiful place. But until I see you the next time again, Adios!


19 thoughts on “7 days of Island Life – A week in Andaman

  1. What a wonderful blog!!. I felt i was in your shoes as i read through this. The blog shows your excitement, adventure, longingness for the trip and the satisfaction attained very beautifully. Makes me wonder why I shouldn’t give the place a visit.

    Great job, keep this up!!


  2. What a wonderful blog!. I felt like i was in your shoes as i read through. The blog shows your excitement, adventure, longingness for the trip and the satisfaction attained very beautifully. Makes me wonder when i should plan to visit the place.

    Great job. Keep this up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sharath. The first comment on my first blog post 🙂 And yes beautiful place so head there anytime. could help you with the list of places to visit hehe 🙂 Thanks I’ll post more often


  3. Thank you for sharing all these photos, as well as a description of all the places you visited. I only spotted two dogs in the picture of the rocks. 🙂

    I can’t believe how quiet and peaceful it all looks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much James. You never fail to make me feel good by all your kind words. Very much humbled 🙂 Since you love travelling, maybe you could plan a trip there sometime while you’re still in Chennai 🙂
      and about the dogs haha I do not know myself how many. There were quite a few though I don’t know how many made it to the frame 😀


  4. Today I won’t be getting a good nights sleep with all the reminiscing and wanderlusting 😕
    But finally you did start the blog. To more future travels 🍻
    Goodluck ! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Benaobi 😘😘 yes to more future travels
      Take me.to more trips with you 🙂 :*
      And it’s gonna be one year so sometimes it’s good to remember all these times and then refuel your wanderlust soul. About sleep haha it’s just a night! Muuaaaah thanks for checking out..busy bee!


  5. Your first post is just too good and the most comprehensive blog I have seen about Andamans. Amazing photos to accompany as well. Andamans is certainly on my bucket list and this blog post is bookmarked permanently for my reference before i travel.
    Ps – I got inspired to start my own blog after reading yours. Thanks 🙂 first post coming up soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Pradeep! Thanks for being so kind with your words. Will sure inspire me to learn and improve as I post more often in the future. I’ll be covering everything I can to help someone new referring to my blog for an andaman vacation (out of the places I covered there ofcourse) so look out for more posts in teh coming days. Also I’m so glad that I was able to inspire you to start your own. What better way to reminisce and document all your beautiful moments in life. Will be looking forward to your first post. 🙂 Happy travels and happy writing!

      Liked by 1 person

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