Go non touristy and experience the offbeat side of Munnar – 8 Ways I experienced the best of Munnar

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The Munnar greens


Last May 2016, I saw the Munnar greens for the first time and fell in love with it instantly. The only thing I did not like was the fact it was quite crowded in popular tourist spots so Adnan and I decided to  ditch those touristy places and set off to experience the place our way. Here are 8 things to do while in the green tea heaven and yes these are ways I experienced the best of the Munnar greens.

1) Take a tea plantation tour

Featured by Tripoto Community 🙂

Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Munnar – those never ending tea greens in sight – running around and getting lost amidst tea plantation. And getting some of my best instagram shots in those greens.

Tripoto community featured a few of my pictures.this, being one of them.
Try this and tell me if you didn’t fall in love with the place.
Sometimes these simple pleasures or little joys in life make for the best memories.

Try! All you have to do is bring out the child in you.

2) Stay in a tree house or a tenthouse better still camp under the stars.

A tree house and a good one at that is more often that not,always a pricey affair
And while we always have a budget in mind on how much to spend on a vacation,
it’s possible to plan out a few things well in advance to prioritise your experiences.

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The tree house at the resort. This tree grows right through the house. How cool is that? They said they didn’t cut any tree while constructing the tree houses

Say a houseboat experience that you know you want for sure in Allepey for instance.
In the same way, staying in a good tree house will be a bit of an expensive affair
but it won’t dissapoint you. I promise you that. With a few tricks (coupons and cashbacks), it could even be well worth it.
When I went to Munnar with my ther half, I knew that staying in a tree house was one thing I wanted to do.

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The restaurant at Nature zone resort
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The front view from the tenthouse
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Nightview of the tenthouse we stayed at

I gave myself a choice between staying in a tree house for a night or a tenthouse (the tenthouse was equally pretty and tempting and offered the best front views from atop the hills) and I went ahead with the tenthouse – reason being the budget, keeping in mind my trip to thatekkad after two days and though I still think I should have chosen the tree house, the tenthouse gave me an equally rewarding experience.
Imagine sleeping amidst sounds of birds chirping, of sweeping winds across the hills, of rustling leaves and singing insects and the moon lit starry sky until the wee hours of the night.

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Early morning view from the tenthouse

And waking up to such amazing views.
The tree house? maybe the next time.

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The food was amazing! Breakfast with a view

Where I stayed at : Nature zone resorts Munnar(the prices are a little high but cashbacks and coupons brought that down to a reasonable one and add to that, a complimentary breakfast and dinner (all buffet). The food was indeed amazing!
And it was well worth it.
For the more adventurous people, camping under the stars will take care of evrything while giving you the most awesome and thrilling experience.
Sleeping under the stars in the wild never gets boring. Can it get any more thrilling than that? It’s been long and i probably need to do one soon.

3) Trek the hills

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The early morning trek in and around Nature Zone Resort Munnar
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A view point
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Don’t know what we were doing

What better way to experience Munnar than trekking through those mystical picturisque hills?
Hitch hiking is a good way to explore the abundantly green hill station.

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And we ended up with such view points

And when you end up with such views do you need any more reason not to?
The lazy ones, shred that laziness. You’re most likely to miss out on the best of views sleeping in while on a vacation. True words there.
And for the less adventurous, try soft trekking in the early morning hours.
Sure to boost up your energy leevels and give you a good kick start to your day.


Ps. We trekked the hills to some of the best view points in and around the Nature zone resort tea plantation region.There was even a guide for the trek who showed us the place around.

 4) Ditch the touristy places

What’s more annoying than finding some scenic location full of typical tourists posing for the same view point ultimately testing your patience and ruining your day?
I say ditch those touristy places. While, I know the fear of missing out kicks in but ask yourself if it’s worth standing long in a queue to get to somewhere or getting stuck in traffic in a hill station instead of enjoying your vacation?
And that’s how I experienced the best of Munnar.

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The coolest spot to have stumbled on this trip
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I hiked all the way down to that field

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What better way to enjoy this view?

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In a little dhaba that we came across while taking a ride through non touristy roads enjoying chai and maggi some 2555 meters above sea level with a view like this.
He lives just a floor beneath and the maggi tasted like heaven.
And always being curious and adventurous, I decided to hike down to this farm ground where possibly I experineced my aha moment in Munnar.
Views like these!
Holy cows!

5) Explore the unexplored – Ride away in a cycle or an open jeep or a tuk tuk and Lookout for secret hideouts

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Secret non touristy hideouts
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Chancing upon hidden lands

The roads in Munnar are breathtakingly beautiful. Rent a cycle and go along cycling those winding scenic roads.
You’ll have tons of interesting places to stop by on your way and if you’re someone like me, tons of amazing landscapes to capture.
Or simply take a little tuk tuk (yes the autos! it just sounds more fun and interesting if i say tuk tuk just like the firangis  (foreigners) ;))
ride along those non touristy roads.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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Who knows you might end up uncovering secret hideouts just like we did?

6) Pay a visit to the tea factory

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For tea lovers, a visit to tea factories is another way to experience this tea heaven. Getting to know how mass production of tea is done can be quite interesting.
Also you could always pick up different flavours of tea for your friends and family
right at the factory for very cheap rates.

7) Go to top station.

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Top station

While this may contradict with my 4th point on the list, I would still suggest you that Top station is one of the most scenic and yes touristy places in Munnar.
You just cannot not fall in love with the stupefying views there.

Photo Session
You can see Tamil Nadu from here

And oh you can see Tamil Nadu from there.
Luckily when I went, there was hardly anyone and it started to drizzle and we had the best times of our lives running through those tea gardens in the rain 🙂

8) Mix with the locals better still go tea plucking.

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This woman – she was the sweetest
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Plucking tea leaves

Always one of the best ways to explore a place – meeting locals.
the lady at the tea garden kept asking us if we were husband and wife and she kept complimenting on how good we looked together. We didn’t discreed that we werent married I enjoyed some light moments while helping them pluck tea leaves from the gardens.
Those pictures say it all.

Processed with VSCO
Rainbow moment

Munnar is a beautiful hill station and the only thing that was disappointing was the crowd. I’d love to pay another visit and explore more places the next time around “my” way. There are plenty of secret hideouts and myriads of ways to experience this beautiful tea heaven.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Accommodation can be sorted out pretty cheap or you could even go for cool tree houses and tent-houses in some of the most amazing locations in the hills.
From a backpacker to a luxurious traveler, Munnar has some of the best places to quench your wanderlust soul and offer you rewarding experiences.
I would like to mention that I stayed in a guesthouse called JJ-cottage located a few minutes walking distance from the bus stop in Munnar.
The prices ranged from 500-1000 and for that kind of price, the room was pretty good.
Well having stayed in hong kong for the last 5 months, that kind of room sounds like luxury for Rs.500. A double bed, a TV, hot water supply and decent rooms and free Wifi. What more could you ask for?
We traveled the third day to Thatekkad for some camping tent house experience in the quiet Hornbill camp.
Stay tuned for my post on it.
Lemme know other interesting and off the beaten ways to experience these Munnar greens?

3 thoughts on “Go non touristy and experience the offbeat side of Munnar – 8 Ways I experienced the best of Munnar

  1. I have not been to Munnar but what you are claiming as non-touristy and off beat are mostly just that – touristy and not so off beat. All first timers to Munnar will want to see a tea plantation and a tea factory and most who are physically fit do go for walks, also along or in tea plantations! Staying in a tree house or a tent is your personal choice of accommodation not really off beat! Sorry but all masala but no garam!


    1. Hey it really depends on what you choose to do. You can totally avoid being touristy and do your own thing. It was non touristy for me because there weren’t hundreds of people beside me. I chose places where people where tourists were almost non existent. It depends on how you take it. It was my personal experience. And you can decide what’s off beat for you. It was for me back then. 🙂


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