Sai Wan Swimming Shed – For the photography buff in you – a day spent hunting Hong Kong’s instagram worthy locations.

So is it instagram worthy? I think so

This hunt because you all know how i love Instagram and how could i miss out on top instagram worthy locations? 😀
So I’m back to Hong Kong after an amazing vacation back home in India.
The first weekend after I got back, I just took rest, unpacked my stuffs and almost did nothing apart from lazily going through Murakami’s novel and running a few errands.
This weekend I was determined to set out somewhere.
Wasn’t really in the mood for a hike in this already hot and humid weather, the milder kind of weather in Chennai that you would term as “pleasant” and I didn’t quite want to venture out somewhere far after my Macau trip the previous weekend.
So I thought of going to some places of my interest here in Hong Kong.I

Captured on my gopro hero 5 black using the tripod

I had long googled a few places of interest where I imagined myself in a pretty picture.
So yesterday early in the morning, I went out in search of the famous Sai Wan Swimming Shed, a place that will come up instantly when you type list of instagram worthy locations in hong kong on google.

What’s all the fuss about? 

That’s the view of the area from above

There is nothing much there except a wooden pier which was built as a swimming shed in the olden days.
For now, I believe this place attracts more photographers than swimmers. People go there for prewedding shoots.

Waiting for my turn

I was also quite surprised that there were quite a lot of people visiting the place just to take a picture like me in the wooden pier. And people literally wait in line for their turns to get a picture taken with the amazing view of the sea in front.
Pay a visit only if you have a lot of time in hand or run out of places to iexplore in Hong Kong.
Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone visiting Hong Kong for a short stay because there are definitely better things to do than just gettinv a picture taken at a swimming shed somewhere in the far west island of Kennedy town.
But since I love doing this, I liked spending about an hour or more just sitting and watching people and capturing them and of course taking my own pictures.

When to visit : 

Ideally the best time would be early foggy mornings or evenings around sunset times but i was there at around 10 am in the morning. Will go watch the sunset probably the next time if i ever decide to go.

2017-05-07 04.00.37 1.jpg

Here are a few pictures I managed to take of myself and others from yesterday’s visit.

These pictures do show this place is definitely instagram worthy
All pictures captured on my dslr and go pro hero 5 black
The next time you run out of places to explore in hk, you know where to head to

Finally not such a pretty picture with me in it but will do

How to get there:
Board the very convenient Hong Kong metro and look for the island line all the way to Kennedy town.
After exiting at Exit C, take a left turn along Ferbes Road and keep walking for about 20 minutes along sign posts that say “Victoria Road”
Once you get on Victoria Road, it’s a straight walk to the entrance on the right side of the road that will look something like this.

The entrance on the right side of the pavement as you walk along victoria road

Take the flight of stairs down and tada your destination.
What to do at the area after your photography sessions?

Vietnamese for lunch

I checked out a few restaurants, cafes and eateries in and around the Mtr station exit.

I did try out Miss Saigon Vietnamese cuisine restaurant but tehre were quite a good number of german french and other inviting restaurants and bars that someday, I’d love to try if
I ever paid a second visit.
What I had for lunch? Morning Glory and Vermicilli served with shredded chicken, spring rolls and salads and a coconut drink to go with the heat. The next time you run out of places to explore in Hong Kong, you know where to head to 😉

Happy hunting!

I did visit the famous Instagram Pier, located at a walking distance of 10minutes from the HKU station late in the evening yesterday and almost lost my phone too but that’s for another post.

Over the next two weekends, I will be visiting some Instagram worthy locations in Hong Kong and hopefully I shall do a quick write up on the best ones.
Until then these pictures from yesterday.

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