Why is there a wellness section in my blog?


Life isn’t always a bed of roses. There are really really awful times in our lives when we just don’t know what to do next, when we can’t figure out our next move and we are stuck at the crossroads left to solve the missing pieces of the puzzle life throws us on our faces, times when we are left all alone and days when we feel like our whole world has come crumbling down on us and we are struggling to find a way out of that massive earthquake or jolt that life hits us with. We’ve all been there and at such times, only we need to pick up the scattered pieces and get back up strong on our feet even when we feel like we have drowned too deep and are struggling to keep ourselves afloat amid all the chaos, even at times when we possibly feel the weakest mentally,emotionally and physically.

Haven’t we been there? I’ve had times when I sat on the roadside and cried out loud in the wee hours of midnight or morning hours far far away from anyone remotely familiar, wishing somebody was there to comfort me, or just give me a hug and say “Everything will be alright”. But we can’t always have people to be there for us, can we?

There have been times when even getting up from the bed and dressing myself up and even combing my hair felt like a huge task. So those are days when I’d pat myself on the back and say “Hey well done! That’s good to go for today”. Yes we all go through such shitty times in lives no matter how strong a person we claim ourselves to be.

There have been times and a lot of times when i felt like it was the end of the world for me. And because I’ve been through such times, I look back and tell myself “You’re far better off now. Is there anything worse than can possibly happen?”

And as we grow up, we grow more and more distant from our loved ones and probably land ourselves in some part of the world farthest from them, where there is a huge gap in the time zone and nothing is easy, for instance even calling a friend who would answer you at those hours or someone you expect to be there for you but who isn’t. What I’m trying to say is , you can’t always have people to comfort you. I always keep reminding myself that I can’t always rely on people to hear me out or to get me out of difficult situations in life. I’m weak emotionally and there you go a lot of people try to take undue advantage of this. Which is why it was important for me to build a home for myself to come back to when I had shitty days. Yoga is that home for me right now.

But hey we learn, the hard way or the easy way sooner or later, but we learn. Our experiences shape us and we learn a great deal from these experiences. And these in turn, help us grow stronger in every walk of life.

It was 2015 November when I took my first solo trip to Goa. That helped me in a lot of ways and ever since then I haven’t been afraid to travel alone. Well, this section has nothing to do with travel but it’s worth mentioning because it’s very closely related. I first started travelling as an escape from my personal problems that existed in my life then. But in time, i have fallen in love with it and it is a part of me now.

The same goes for why I created this section in my blog. The last week of July this year in 2017 was when I bought myself a Lululemon yoga mat and I told my friend then that by the end of August, I was going to perfect one yoga pose and asana. A month later, I was able to do things I could only imagine at that point of time. My body surprised me a great deal and I was quickly learning and changing my lifestyle. I incorporated a lot of other healthy things in my life to keep my body and mind and spirit healthy and I changed in a lot of ways, the way I was thinking about things in life, the way I saw obstacles in my life, all in a good way.

What started off as yet another escape to divert my mind body and soul from my problems in life shaped me become a better version of me, a version of me that today I’m really happy about. I try to keep up with the progress and make it a continuous journey. Here, in this section whenever time permits, I shall be posting about anything related to wellness in life. Problems in life that have been life changing or my yoga progress or other healthy things that have changed my life in a good way.

So no matter how hard the days ahead might seem, know that you always have a way to pop up right back and stand on your feet. Doesn’t matter how many times you fall, pretty much as I keep practicing my headstand everyday inspite of falling and toppling over for like 10-20 times in a day!

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there is no point directing all your energy towards something you know isn’t working out. I’ve been there and done that and realize that it’s just a complete waste of time and energy. So if things aren’t working out, whatever they maybe, maybe you just let them be and stop putting any effort to make things work. Someday you’ll realize how small that problem was.

All you have to do is learn how to imbibe positiveness in your life, in whatever form they come. a little inspiration here and there go a long way be it from someone you just met or anyone really! Mine has been reading, writing, blogging,travelling and most importantly yoga and running recently. Here’s hoping I can add a little positiveness to whoever stumbles upon this section of my blog.

Working our or running or even mastering certain asanas give me a high. Trust me, they give me that orgasmic kind of HIGH!

I’m not sure when I can post anything here in this section because work has been keeping me very busy these days but everything has to start so 🙂

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