How I wish it would read something interesting like “I quit my job to travel the world”.

Unfortunately I’m still working – Not everyone can quit their jobs to travel so here I am, a full time engineer travelling whenever and wherever possible. Follow my journey 🙂

Hopping in and around the beautiful lush green tea plantations amidst tree houses and tents in Nature Zone Resort, Munnar.

Who is this girl?

My name is Jeny – a small town girl born and brought up in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, with a dream to travel the world – big dreams I know ^^ *eyes rolling*

Currently I’m working as a software engineer in an IT company. And stationed in Hong Kong currently for my job. Someday, I’d like this line to be ”I quit my job to travel and do more of the things I love” rather than the ”Sitting at the desk coding”- job. Let’s see where this goes.
And someday I’d love to shout out loud that I have made the world my home.

How did the travel bug bite me?

It all started last year in the month of July 2015 when I took a trip to Shimoga amidst the monsoon heavy rains – while getting lost in the wild in Agumbe, watching elephants bathe in the river Tungabhadra, driving through winding roads with lush green fields full of sugarcane on both sides towards the majestic Jog falls, the windy and rain drenched walk to Kundradi hills and the adventurous drive up and down the hills.

Between jungle safaris and the numerous visits to temples with beautiful architectures, in between the dull mundane corporate job life, I discovered my love for travelling, much as a way of escaping the everyday ‘get up from bed- go to work – come back -sleep and repeat’ routine as much as escaping other personal problems in life. And once I came back from this trip, I knew that the travel bug had bitten me bad. Since then, I’ve always made sure to take a break once in a while from work mostly during weekends by juggling between the limited number of days of  leaves that I get from work, wandering off with my itchy feet to places I haven’t been to.

Who do  I travel with? And why the blog?

I love taking pictures while travelling, which is why you’ll always find the only Nikon DSLR that I own (I can truly say it’s one of the best things I decided to purchase taking a break from all the useless shopping that I do once in a while) accompanying me everywhere I go.

I have traveled with different kinds of people – be it friends or friends of friends, boyfriend, family or best friends or in group through travel groups or solo.

But in due course of time, I’ve realized that I enjoy travelling solo or with a company I enjoy, say a best friend. Three is a crowd. I have done group travels but now that I think of it, unless it’s a hardcore trek I cannot do alone somewhere in the mountains, I don’t think I’d like to do more of those.

I prefer travelling alone or along with one or two people whose company I enjoy.

The reason why I started this blog is because I wanted to for a long time now and it’s got to start somewhere and sometime and in some way. I would eventually learn I hope with this start. I wanted to document all the travels that I’ve taken so far and maybe help inspire people who have always been afraid to get out of the four walls of their rooms. You don’t wanna be a chicken in a cage all your life, do you? The world is a beautiful place and there is so much to do and so much to see and so much to live for. But do we have so much time? I don’t think so. There’s so little time to do all these.

And through any of my posts, if I could provide any valuable tips and info regarding the places I’ve been to and be of help to anyone looking up for any of these places, I’ll be very happy. You could leave a comment or email me for queries on the travels.

Why travel?

For me, it’s the answer whatever be the question. I’d love to see the world from my perspective and others’ through my travels. Because it’s so true that travel is the only thing we buy which makes us richer. Because you can always make money but you can’t always make memories so set out. Each year, go to some place you haven’t been to. See the world through a different lens and live somewhere outside your comfort zone. It’s only when we have been tried and tested that we learn to surpass boundaries, imaginary boundaries that have been drawn by people, by ourselves on maps or around us which force us to stay within those boundaries, only to find out they don’t exist. Isn’t that true? We’re all humans after all.

So all you guys and girls who have had to cancel trips because of others, take the plunge.What are you waiting for?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Walking in the Valley of dreams and taking pictures gallore at Dzukou Valley, Manipur-Nagaland. Thi picture was featured in the official Instagram account @northeast_india
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Lunching and photo-shoot at Dzukou Valley, Manipur-Nagaland. Picture featured in the @incrediblemanipur Instagram account.

And we all start somewhere so here I am.

2016-05-28 02.05.44 1.jpg
Cycling and early morning walks at the hanging bridge over the Periyar River at Thetekkad, Kerala.
Processed with VSCOcamWitnessing sunrise at Rock Beach and getting lost in the french colony at Pondicherry.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSoaking in the peace and tranquility in one of most beautiful beaches in Goa – Palolem Beach, South Goa November 2015

2015-11-09 12.17.53 1.jpg
Chasing sunsets at Palolem Beach, South Goa ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Island hopping in Havelock Island, Andaman.

If I weren’t to give in to so much thought about everything around me, in the parallel universe, you would find me with a rucksack, a camera around my neck, a good read and a hat wandering off to places unknown on my itchy feet- misty mountains covered with forests or pristine beaches, much like Christopher McCandles in “The Wild”. We all love that movie, don’t we?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Soft trekking among tea plantations and hills in Munnar, Kerala.
I have a thing or two for fashion, photography and good reads 🙂
Also, I would love to know how to play a musical instrument someday soon 🙂
Processed with VSCO
Hello there!!! Welcome to my blog Jengoesplaces! Happy reading!

So hop on !

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  1. Nice blogs Jeny.. Though I am not a traveler at all, yet liked your blogs a lot. Each word of your blog really took me into the virtual trip of that particular place! Keep this spirit up. Good Luck dear 🙂

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