A travel guide to the Meghalaya I fell in love with

Journey date : 2nd April 2017 – 6th April 2017
Caution : It’s a very long post but I’ve added everything possible in this post, all the information you may require from places to see, places to stay or eat or the very important “commute within Meghalaya.”
About Meghalaya –

The name – Megh means cloud and alay means home.(I think I’m gonna nickname my daughter alay in the future :P)
Where should I begin to describe this place – I’m at a loss of words.
Abode of the clouds, the Scotland of the east, the land of waterfalls, the queen of hills
– all these names start to make sense as you embark on a three hour road journey from Guwahati Airport, maneuvering your way up the pine covered hills, dotted with pretty lakes and picturisque landscapes, treating your eyes to a green sight that will remain with you for the most part of your life.
Beautiful and breathtaking! But that’s an understatement.
If I could use a word or two to describe Meghalaya, I would say “Green” and “White”.
The lush green rolling hills dotted with pine trees, the thick waves of mists that appear out of nowhere leaving you spell bound, the clouds, the rains, the beautiful roads, the numerous waterfalls you see as you drive through the roads, those old Khasi villages, the kind and warm hearted smiles of the Khasi villagers – what’s there to dislike this place?
If you’re like me and you need a quick guide for a three – four day visit to this state, read on. … More A travel guide to the Meghalaya I fell in love with

Finding Home in the tucked away corners of the lovely little village of Paomata

What do I remember of my stay at Paomata, the short refreshing trip to Paomata and Dzukou valley?

As I trace my mind back, first and foremost the bumpy ride through the hills towards Paomata.
Children playing football in the hilly grounds.

Two siblings hastily climbing a flight of stairs towards their front door.
The chai in a candle lit room served by sister Benny and her family.
The warm woolen blankets in the candle lit room and how we fought among ourselves for the most cozy bed for the cold night.
A god sent bunch of wonderful company to be thankful for.

The lovely people of the hills greeting us on our arrival at Paomata.

The delicious sumptuous dinner in the cold night oh I wont forget the pork and cat fish cooked by them on our arrival.
Merymaking and photo sessions while packing breakfast and lunch for the next day trek to dzukou Valley.
The short breathtaking trek to the pine forest view point. The empty roads and fields on our way to the top…….
I wanted to explore every hidden corner of the village, capture the daily life of the good souls in the lively far away village, enjoy some more view points through pine trees from a higher ground level than we were the first evening, have more conversations, laugh some more heartily and eat a lot more generously.
But I had to bid goodbye with the hope of coming back another time, another season, in the hope of making another trip, in another year.
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